Bitcoin può prevenire le truffe sui vaccini

Il vaccino Pfizer / BioNTech ha finalmente iniziato a diffondersi negli Stati Uniti.

L’FBI ha emesso un avvertimento sulle truffe sui vaccini.

Bitcoin (BTC) è una soluzione affidabile.

Bitcoin può prevenire le truffe sui vaccini

C’è sempre qualcuno che cerca di rovinare una cosa buona. Il vaccino Pfizer / BioNTech ha finalmente iniziato a diffondersi negli Stati Uniti , ma ci sono già truffatori che cercano di trarre vantaggio dalla situazione.

Le organizzazioni governative vogliono che le persone diffidino delle truffe sui vaccini che dicono che scambieranno il loro vaccino con informazioni personali. Le aziende vendono falsi trattamenti per Covid-19. L’FBI ha detto alla CNN che stanno ricevendo reclami da truffatori che stanno approfittando del vaccino Covid-19 in modo che possano ottenere informazioni personali e denaro.

L’FBI farà la sua parte per impedire ai truffatori di sfruttare le persone

L’Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) degli Stati Uniti sta facendo tutto il possibile per impedire la distribuzione di medicinali falsi Covid-19 .

La Federal Trade Commission (FTC) ha inviato lettere di avvertimento a diverse società che avanzano reclami senza alcun sostegno. Il Better Bureau ha avvertito tramite un comunicato stampa di stare all’erta contro i messaggi che chiedono alle persone i loro dettagli.

Le persone negli Stati Uniti sono alla disperata ricerca di una cura e faranno tutto il possibile per ottenerla. Secondo il contatore mondiale, gli Stati Uniti hanno avuto 17.164.631 casi di Covid.

Differenziarsi dai truffatori e stabilire la fiducia che paga con Bitcoin potrebbe essere il modo migliore per andare.

L’analyse de la chaîne veut aider le gouvernement fédéral à vendre des millions de bitcoins confisqués

Chainalysis se prépare à aider ses clients gouvernementaux à vendre le même trésor de cryptocurrences confisquées que la société de traçage de la chaîne de blocage aide souvent à retrouver.

Jeudi, Chainalysis a dévoilé un programme de stockage et de vente de cryptographie confisquée en partenariat avec la société de conseil en biens confisqués Asset Reality.

Le programme s’adressera probablement à la plupart des clients gouvernementaux qui paient déjà à Chainalysis des millions de dollars par an pour aider à tracer les transactions cryptographiques illicites.

Ces enquêtes mènent parfois à la prise de possession par des agences de sommes astronomiques en matière de cryptographie. Pas plus tard que la semaine dernière, le Département américain de la Justice (DOJ) a annoncé avoir saisi plus d’un milliard de dollars en bitcoin (BTC, +2,17%) que le logiciel Chainalysis a retracé jusqu’à la Route de la Soie.

Les agences du DOJ déchargent leur crypto sur le public par le biais d’enchères de confiscation semi-régulières. Ces ventes peuvent rapporter des dizaines de millions de dollars au gouvernement.

Mais l’U.S. Marshals Service, qui gère ces ventes aux enchères, demande depuis avril un partenaire du secteur privé pour l’aider à gérer et à se débarrasser des cryptocurrences confisquées.

Les représentants de la Chainalysis n’ont pas immédiatement confirmé si son nouveau partenariat avec Asset Reality répondait à la demande des U.S. Marshals.

Europe’s largest payment provider brings Bitcoin to the tills

At the end of last year, Wordline announced that it would work with the financial services provider Bitcoin Suisse to increase the acceptance of cryptocurrencies in retail and e-commerce. The pilot project has been running successfully so far; the final rollout is now set to follow in the next six months.

Exactly a year ago, the French payment service provider Worldlineand the Swiss crypto broker Bitcoin Suisse signed a letter of intent to jointly bring cryptocurrencies to the till

Both companies are initially pursuing the goal of offering Swiss retailers and consumers services for paying with cryptocurrencies in shops and online shops. Wordline is the largest payment service provider in Europe and the fourth largest provider worldwide.

The French company launched a pilot with selected dealers in Switzerland this July. These include mostly hotels and restaurants, but also jewelry dealers and electronics shops in different parts of Switzerland. Since then, they have been accepting Bitcoin and Ether via the company’s solution, but they are still paid out in Swiss francs. According to Dr. Andreas Rehrauer , responsible for the payment product portfolio and innovations at Worldline, should not bear any currency risk for merchants. In addition, there is no additional complexity in billing, as the transactions are integrated into the merchant billing like other card payments.

Dr. Rehrauer towards BTC-ECHO as follows:

Since the start of the crypto initiative about a year ago, we have come a big step further and now have a successful pilot in the market. Since the end of July, three-digit transactions have been settled using crypto currencies – the trend is increasing despite Corona. About three quarters of that was in Bitcoin and a quarter in Ether. However, the solution is designed in such a way that cryptocurrencies can be flexibly expanded or removed, depending on the payment preferences of consumers.

Dr. According to Rehrauer, the feedback from dealers is positive. So they „even partially actively advertised it themselves on their channels“.

How the crypto payment works

From the customer’s point of view, the transaction works in a similar way to the online payment app TWINT, in which Worldline is involved: A QR code is displayed at the point of sale that is scanned with a crypto wallet app. Then it is shown how much the purchased goods cost in the desired cryptocurrency. As soon as the user has approved the payment in the app, it is triggered, processed and confirmed. According to Dr. Rehrauer, the crypto alliance benefits from the fact that more and more people are paying with their mobile phones:

More and more people are used to paying based on QR codes. The best example is TWINT in Switzerland, but also, for example, in an international context, Alipay or WeChat Pay. And buyers who are already used to paying with their mobile phone and with a QR code, the step to Bitcoin is no longer so big for them.

Odbicie bitcoina koncentruje się na 16 000 $, czy to się stanie?

John Wanguba przez Johna Wanguba 8 listopada 2020 r w analizie Czas czytania: 3 minuty czytania
ostatnie wycofanie może spowodować, że bitcoin przekroczy 16 000 $, czy to się stanie?

W Bitcoin byki wstrzymali grunt mocno i bronił niedawno ustanowionego wsparcia na $ 14500 po nagraniu nowe maksima roczne blisko $ 16.000. Skok ten przypisano napięciu, które powstało na giełdzie w wyniku wyborów prezydenckich w USA.

Mówi się, że inwestorzy zwrócili się w stronę Bitcoin Code i kilku innych aktywów cyfrowych w poszukiwaniu opcji zabezpieczających. Złoto również eksplodowało do 1950 dolarów za uncję, gdy wynik wyborów się opóźniał.

Bitcoin Uptrend

Stabilność powróciła na rynek bitcoinów, a krypto odbijało się od wsparcia przy 14,500 $. BTC obecnie oscyluje wokół 15 000 $. Wielu spodziewa się, że konsolidacja będzie miała pierwszeństwo w przyszłych sesjach, co pokazuje Relative Strength Index (RSI).

Z drugiej strony, bitcoin może wydłużyć akcję cenową powyżej 15 000 $, co może przyciągnąć więcej zleceń kupna. Zwiększy to wiatr w plecy i przyciągnie bitcoin do nowych rocznych szczytów.

Warto zauważyć, że na razie najbliższe wsparcie uformowało się na poziomie 50 SMA, aby uniknąć znacznych strat cenowych w przypadku, gdyby korekta przełamała wsparcie na poziomie 14 500 USD

Model IOMAP firmy IntoTheBlock mówi, że akcja cenowa będzie dość ograniczona przed nadchodzącym tygodniem.

Wracając do góry, przeciążenie sprzedawcy, które ukształtowało się między 14 985 a 15 429 USD, zneutralizuje większość presji kupujących. Intensywne wsparcie w dół istnieje, aby znieść, że bitcoin nie spadnie poniżej poziomu 14 000 USD.

Policy and Technology Hinder Adoption of P2P Crypto-Currency Services in the Middle East

Data published by Arcane Research suggests that the main P2P cryptomoney trading platforms have struggled to take off in Iran and Lebanon.

Data published by Arcane Research suggests that, despite the demand for peer-to-peer crypt trading platforms in the Middle East, regulations and lack of infrastructure are holding back their adoption.

However, undocumented migrants in Western countries have been using these platforms to send money home.

According to an October report by the company, the volume of trading in peer-to-peer, or P2P, crypto-currencies across the Middle East and North Africa is approximately 15% of what it was at the end of 2017 on the main LocalBitcoins and Paxful platforms, or approximately USD 682,000 per week.

Rumor: PayPal is preparing to purchase the crypto custodian BitGo

„In general, there are several centralized exchanges that provide services in the more developed Arab states,“ the report states. „However, other countries in the region do not have this exchange infrastructure, and also lack financial and political stability, but [have] not recorded any notable cryptoadoption in P2P services.

There is a demand for P2P services in Middle Eastern countries that are facing inflation, as it allows residents to take money out of the country or simply convert it into crypto currencies. The Lebanese pound has suffered massive inflation in 2020. And while Iran has been a hot spot for cryptomakers because of the low cost of electricity, its currency has also been devastated by crippling hyperinflation since the US re-imposed sanctions in 2018.

Despite this, P2P exchanges in both Lebanon and Iran are struggling to establish a foothold because „poor Internet infrastructure and political regimes are negative for Bitcoin.

Not everyone in the crypto industry welcomes PayPal’s recent announcement

Instead, Arcane researchers found that Bitcoin’s „less sophisticated“ P2P trading methods (BTC) have grown in the region over the same period, driven by messaging applications such as WhatsApp.

The report also indicated that undocumented immigrants living in Western countries are turning to crypto currencies to send funds home using gift cards in conjunction with P2P commerce platforms when local laws make sending crypto currencies more difficult.

In September, Paxful announced that it would no longer provide services in Venezuela due to regulations and sanctions related to the U.S. Office of Foreign Assets Control. In spite of this, the country represented 42% of the volume of P2P services in all Latin America, which is now USD 4.3 million.

Arcane Research suggests that Venezuelan immigrants have found „solutions“ for sending money home amid „restrictions on crypto-currency and strict currency control.

Paul Tudor Jones says Bitcoin is ‚like investing early in Apple or Google

According to researchers, immigrants can buy gift cards from any number of popular retailers such as Amazon or simply a prepaid credit card, and send a photo of it to family and friends abroad. Recipients could then sell it through Bitcoin using a P2P platform and convert it into local currency. The report stated that this method of shipping was fast and reliable, but involved significant costs.

Bitcoin is also a good way to get money out of the country. „Bitcoin can be used as a capital flight tool for Venezuelans,“ the report stated. „Hyperinflation is a big problem for Venezuela and has caused more than 10 percent of the population to leave the country.

Bitcoin on todellakin arvoinen 15 000 dollaria tämän avaimen hyväksymismittarin perusteella

Bitcoinin hinta on noussut 40% vuodessa. OG-kryptovaluutta on toiminut erityisen hyvin pandemian keskellä osittain siksi, että se toimii luotettavana arvovarastona, kuten kulta.

BTC pitää kuitenkin epätoivoisesti kiinni $ 10K -tasosta tällä hetkellä. Mutta erään nousevan analyytikon mukaan salausvaluutta on aliarvostettu hullulla marginaalilla.

Bloombergin vanhempi hyödykestrategi Mike McGlone uskoo bitcoinin käyvän arvon olevan 15 000 dollaria, jota omaisuus ei heijasta. Keskeisen hyväksymismittarin perusteella BTC käy tällä hetkellä kauppaa noin 50% alle sen käyvän arvon.

Bitcoinin hinta on huomattavasti aliarvostettu

Nykyisellä 10 642,12 dollarin hinnalla bitcoinilla on vielä pitkä matka käyvän arvon saavuttamiseksi.

Bloombergin äskettäisessä raportissa analyytikko Mike McGlone ilmoitti, että bitcoinilla on enemmän pakenevia voittoja. McGlone perusti analyysinsä bitcoinin hajautusvoiman historiallisiin huippuihin ja mikä tärkeintä, bitcoin-osoitteisiin. Erityisesti BTC: n osoitteiden 30 päivän keskiarvon perusteella bitcoinin tulisi olla noin 15 000 dollaria.

”Bitcoinin hash-prosentti nousee edelleen ja saavutti äskettäin uudet korkeimmat. Myös etenevät ovat osoitteet. Huippumittari hyväksyttäväksi, Bitcoin-osoitteiden 30 päivän keskiarvo vastaa hintaa, joka on lähempänä 15 000 dollaria, kun mitataan automaattisen mittakaavan perusteella vuodesta 2017. “

Vahva argumentti kestävälle Bitcoin Bull -ajolle

Tärkeää on muistaa, että jopa viimeisimmän vetäytymisen yhteydessä bitcoinin perustekijät pysyvät vahvemmina kuin koskaan. Ketjuanalyytikon Willy Woon mukaan markkinakorjaus tarttui useimpiin BTC-sijoittajiin housut alas, koska myyntiä edeltävää tavallista ketjun toimintaa ei ollut. Hän mainitsee korrelaation osakkeisiin syynä siihen, miksi BTC yhtäkkiä romahti.

Vaikka osakemarkkinoiden syvempi vetäytyminen voisi vetää bitcoinin hinnan alas lähitulevaisuudessa, krypto-omaisuus on varmasti irtautunut pian irti vanhoista markkinoista johtuen nousevista perustekijöistään inflaation suojauksena, Woo esitti.

Lisäksi McGlone, joka on pysynyt bitcoin-diehardina lippulaiva-salauksen villistä vuoristoradasta huolimatta, ehdottaa, että bitcoinin hinta nousee lähitulevaisuudessa.

„Graafiamme kuvaa ensisijaisia ​​ketjumittareita, jotka Bitcoinin tulisi kääntää, jotta Bitcoin ei pystyisi arvostamaan hintaa – hash-määrää ja aktiivisia osoitteita.“

Katse loppuvuodelle, vankat perustekijät voivat olla muuttuja, joka auttaa käynnistämään seuraavat härkämarkkinat – huolimatta siitä, että bitcoin on tällä hetkellä syvällä karhualueella.

Crypto betting providers predict Trump’s term of office will end early

A crypto bet suggests that a majority believe that the Trump presidency will end early.

After it was reported that US President Donald Trump was infected with COVID-19, the crypto betting providers are also seeing increased activity.

A corresponding bet from PredictIt, a crypto betting provider operated by Victoria University Wellington in New Zealand, accordingly raises the question of the current president’s ability to continue to govern.

It says: „Will Donald Trump end his first term?“

Originally, the bet was launched to determine the likelihood of a successful impeachment.

After Hope Hicks, a close adviser to Trump, initially tested positive and as a result the president and his wife were also tested, the trading volume of the above bet jumped suddenly from 6,000 to more than 37,000 US dollars.

A majority seemed to be betting on „No“ because the price for bets on „Yes“ has fallen by $ 0.04 to $ 0.82 as a result of the news

When it turned out the following morning that the president and his wife were actually suffering from Corona, the “yes price” fell another US $ 0.04 to just US $ 0.78. A week ago the price was still at $ 0.90.

However, the betting conditions include the restriction that „a temporary ability to govern, which entails a temporary transfer of power, is not decisive for the betting result“.

Since the impeachment process is no longer a threat to the presidency of Trump, the bettors are betting more or less on his „death“.

Even if Trump belongs to the risk group due to his age , such an outcome is unlikely. At least the incumbent president has to interrupt his election campaign for another term.

Hackers save $ 10 million in ethers from inevitable loss

Fight Evil With Evil – Not all hackers are bad. Some are even the nemesis of their peers. As proof, a white hat (literally a „white hat“) discovers and exploits flaws in a computer system in order to protect it. In this case, nearly $ 10 million worth of ethers (ETH) was „hacked“ … for a good cause.

A fatal flaw in a smart contract: 25,700 ETH at stake

The white hat hacker nicknamed “samczsun” , at the origin of the discovery, tells us about a real computer rescue operation for ethers in bad situation .

On September 15, samczsun discovered a vulnerability in the Profit Secret smart contract on Ethereum. Worryingly, this smart contract contained 25,700 ethers , or just over $ 9.6 million at the time of its discovery.

Bad luck for our benefactor pirate, Lien Finance’s development team is anonymous . He then sent an alert message on Ethereum’s Telegram channel dedicated to network security. Shortly after, Alexander Wade of ConsenSys answered him.

Afterward, the rescue team welcomed Tina Zhen from cybersecurity company CertiK . This fell rather well since ConsenSys and CertiK are the 2 companies that audited the incriminated smart contract (but obviously without having spotted the flaw).

Opération « Escaping the Dark Forest »

In From there, the goal of the rescuers were to „escape from the dark forest“ threatened ethers. “ Dark Forest ” designates Ethereum’s mempool , a kind of buffer between the arrival of transactions on the network and their processing by miners.

If this area of ​​the mempool is called so ominously , it is because it is full of automated „predatory“ bots , ready to exploit loopholes in transactions.

The team then called on the SparkPool mining pool to jointly concoct a way to pass the 25,700 ETH directly into a block of transactions, without going through the dangerous mempool.

As shown in the screenshot below, the Lien Finance team managed to recover the $ 10 million worth of ethers at risk. Mission accomplished for the rescuers!

UNI von Uniswap hält sich trotz Verkaufsdruck stabil

UNI von Uniswap hält sich trotz Verkaufsdruck stabil; was Analysten sagen

Uniswap – die dezentralisierte Krypto-Börse der Wahl für Händler und Investoren – löste mit der Einführung ihres einheimischen Governance-Tokens namens UNI auf dem gesamten Markt Schockwellen aus.

Die Einführung von UNI war anders als alle anderen zuvor, da jeder, der die Plattform Crypto Trader vor dem ersten September zum Handel genutzt oder zu ihrer Liquidität beigetragen hatte, mindestens 400 UNI-Marken erhalten konnte.

Natürlich begeisterte diese Plattform die Nutzer, die kostenlos 400 bis 1.600 USD erhielten, wobei der Preis des Tokens nach seiner Auflistung und Verteilung zwischen 1 und 4 USD schwankte.

Es ist wichtig, darauf hinzuweisen, dass, obwohl einige UNI aufgrund der weitverbreiteten Verteilung von etwas wertvollen Spielmarken mit einem starken Ausverkauf rechneten, es scheint, dass der Druck von der Kaufseite den Zufluss von 400 Spielmarken-Verkaufsaufträgen von den Benutzern der Plattform überwogen hat.

Analysten stellen nun fest, dass sie davon ausgehen, dass die Uniswap-Marke in naher Zukunft weiter steigen wird.

Ein Händler richtet sein Augenmerk insbesondere auf eine Bewegung auf 5,00 $, was einen deutlichen Anstieg des derzeitigen Preises unter 3,00 $ bedeuten würde.

Der UNI-Token des Uniswap-Protokolls bietet Plattformbenutzern einen Glücksfall

Uniswap hat den Trend zur Einführung des DeFi-Marktes angeführt und ist die Plattform der Wahl sowohl für Liquiditätsanbieter als auch für symbolische Investoren.

Es ist wichtig, darauf hinzuweisen, dass die Einführung ihres Governance-Tokens anders als alle anderen zuvor war, wobei den Nutzern der Plattform im Wesentlichen über eine 400 UNI-Token-Verteilung Eigentum an der Plattform eingeräumt wurde.

Einige Nutzer, die auf der Plattform gehandelt haben, während sie sich in der V1-Phase befand, erhielten sogar weit mehr als 400 Token.

Was die Aussichten der Krypto-Währung betrifft, so könnte ihre Aufwärtsentwicklung etwas begrenzt sein, da sie bereits eine verwässerte Bewertung von fast 3 Milliarden Dollar aufweist.

Allerdings wird der größte Teil des Gesamtangebots erst in den nächsten Jahren freigegeben werden, so dass die derzeitige Marktobergrenze von 177 Millionen US-Dollar im Vergleich zu den allgemeinen Nutzungsraten des Protokolls recht niedrig ist.

Ein Analyst bemerkte, dass seine Stärke angesichts des „wahnsinnigen Verkaufsdrucks“ darauf hinzudeuten scheint, dass er bereit ist, weitere Aufwärtspotenziale zu sehen.

„Der wahnsinnige Verkaufsdruck der UNI, die größten freien Gelder fallen in Krypto, alle anderen Alts bluten & der Preis hält immer noch, warum? vielleicht liegt es daran, dass es im Moment die am meisten legitime, respektierte und genutzte Sache in Krypto ist. ich glaube nicht, dass der uniswap-Preis schlimm abstürzt…“

Händler: UNI-Token wird sich wahrscheinlich auf $5,00 zubewegen

Zum Zeitpunkt des Verfassens dieses Artikels handelt die Uniswap-Marke (UNI) knapp unter $3,00, was einen bemerkenswerten Crypto Trader Anstieg gegenüber den jüngsten Tiefstständen um $1,00 darstellt.

Ein Analyst ist der Ansicht, dass in naher Zukunft eine Erholung in Richtung neuer Höchststände von 5,00 $ nach der Notierung bevorstehen könnte, was die nachstehende Grafik zeigt:

Förbered dig inte på en upprepning av 2017 i Crypto Markets

Kommer du ihåg december 2017? Det var speciell tid med en speciell känsla: pengar som faller från himlen.

Under de senaste månaderna har känslan återvänt, trots att den senaste tiden minskar. Anledningen är att spekulation på kryptomarknader är utom kontroll. Nu har vi „värdelösa“ tokens med marknadsvärden värda hundratals miljoner dollar . Det finns pengar att tjäna.

Är allt detta på grund av ett dödligt virus? Eller är detta bara en upprepning av Bitcoin Profit? Det som driver årets vurm är annorlunda, och så kommer det att bli efterdyningarna.

Till skillnad från 2017 är människor uttråkade och de sitter fast hemma. Oavsett om de är arbetslösa eller bundna till en dator i sitt nya badrum / kontor, har människor över hela världen inget bättre att göra än att vara besatt av pristabeller och drömma om vansinniga vinster.


År 2017 såg dollarn bra ut. Detta var ett år efter att Storbritannien beslutade att Brexit, vilket skadade pundet och euron. Nu trycks dollarn i en alarmerande takt och den amerikanska centralbanken har ändrat sin politik för att upprätthålla en inflation . Företag kan använda bitcoin som en tillgång för att skydda sig mot inflation .

Institutionella investeringar

Bortsett från produkter som tar kryptovalutor till traditionella marknader (som Grayscale trust), köper riktiga börsnoterade företag bitcoin. Wall Street-företaget Microstrategy köpte $ 250 miljoner dollar för att fylla sina statsobligationer. Med stora företag som seriöst överväger bitcoin som en del av sina finansiella strategier, kommer troligen krypto att se fler långsiktiga bitcoininnehavare.

Mer vänliga banker

Bankerna var skeptiska till bitcoin. Under 2017 och 2018 älskade kryptoälskare att hata JPMorgan-chefen Jamie Dimon. Sedan dess har JP Morgan arbetat med blockchain-teknik och skapat egna mynt . Faktum är att de har ändrat melodi , och det har många andra banker också. Med bankerna som förbinder kunder med börser är det lättare än någonsin att komma in i krypto.

Och ännu mer vänlig DeFi

Men vem behöver till och med banker när du har DeFi ?

Bitcoinare älskade 2017 att prata om att övervinna fiatvalutor. Nu börjar den förändringen hända.

DeFi-mani har skickat Ethereums pris, naturligtvis, tillsammans med styrelse-tokens, i höjden. Plus, DeFi är verkligen anmärkningsvärt. Webbplatser som Compound.Finance låter användare låna och låna i en helt pålitlig miljö. Det finns nu ett sätt att lagra dina pengar, tjäna ränta eller ta lån utan att använda en bank. Det är en stor sak.